Red-E Oil has been a distributor of Synergyn products for 12 years. We believe Synergyn is by far the best value on the market today in both price and performance The products featured on this page only represents a small portion of products available.

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Synergyn engine oils provide excellent thermal stability, improved film strength, extreme shock protection, strong anti-corrosion and anti-wear coefficients. Superior protection to bearings, camshafts, rings and pistons, Synergyn Performance Oils can improve horsepower output and fuel economy in any engine and all weights exceed every major engine manufacturer's specifications and requirements. Available in a wide range of viscosities to serve racing and street applications; 0W-20, 3W-30, 5W-50, 15W-50, 50W, 70W



Magnum Oils were developed to provide maximum wear protection/performance to all engines; diesel, gasoline or liquefied gas, including turbo-charged and supercharged. All are formulated to reduce frictional wear, operating temperatures and engine deposits. Magnum Oils work equally well with both high and low sulfur fuels and meet or exceed all engine manufacturers' requirements. Available in the following weights; 15W-40, 15W-50, 30W



Synergyn Oil Treatment reinforces the additive system in any liquid lubricant. Synergyn Oil treatment increases film strength, reduces wear, lowers temperatures, reduces oxidation and is compatible with synthetic or petroleum based products.

20+ Cetane Boost is a highly concentrated fuel conditioner designed for low sulfur fuel. It increases Cetane rating while lowering the gel point to 35 degrees below zero when mixed 1 gallon to 1000 gallons diesel fuel

120+ Octane Boost increases the octane of today's fuels by 2 to 5 points depending on the fuel being treated.

Preventalube Injector Cleaner is compounded from pure petroleum products and does NOT contain methyl alcohol. When used regularly Preventalube removes carbon from pistons and rings, cleans and lubricates the entire fuel system, increases horsepower and performance.



Synergyn Universal Gear Lubricants are formulated from premium synthetic base stock oils and high quality additives that provided excellent thermal stability, superior anti-wear protection, and rust and corrosion prevention. Universal Gear Lubricants feature an adhesive/tackiness agent which allows the oil to climb, lubricate and stay on gear surfaces to prevent dry starts. Available in 80W-90, 80W-140, 85W-140.




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